Detects character, talents and motivation

Sonia Van Mileghem

Sonia Van Mileghem
High Giftedness
Career Guidance
Stress / burn-out
Study choice guidance
Meise, Belgium

For over 30 years I have been passionate about competence development.

As a social worker and practice lecturer I take a keen interest into helping people to develop their talents in their personal life as well as their professional career. The Core Talents Method is a valuable instrument for people of any age if you want to gain insight into who you are. It is a pleasant, fast and objective way to discover your unique talents, your potential, and what truly motivates you. These insights are the starting point to check how you already use your Core Talents and how you could develop them further.

If you are looking for a suitable study choice, I offer you active tools that function as building blocks and allow you to check whether this field of study can stimulate the development of your personal Core Talents. If you are looking for an energizing job, I help you figure out what would suit you best and offer you career guidance. I work solution focused to create a personal development plan that assembles all the pieces of your personal puzzle.

Throughout my career, I gained experience about people who live with ADD, dyslexia, high giftedness, high sensitivity and so on. Although these features can sometimes seem to hinder your development, they won’t get in the way of discovering how your Core Talents can be developed to the max and be useful in your daily life.  That’s what I’m all about; to help people become who they are: unique.