Detects character, talents and motivation

Ivo Geurts

Ivo Geurts
High Giftedness
Career Guidance
Study choice guidance
Antwerpen, Belgium

Did you once have a job that seemed a perfect fit, but you don’t gain energy from it anymore? You don’t know which career or study suits you best? Have you switched jobs frequently and keep bumping into the same problems? Do you feel misunderstood by your employer or boss? Do you feel the need for a change but don´t know where to start?

Do you feel recognised by any of these questions? CoreTalents is the method for you if you what to know which talents are at you core.

After an online questionnaire, an in-depth conversation about the joys of your childhood, I´ll present an extensive analyses about your CoreTalents. It’s safe to say you may expect very helpful insights and a boost of confidence. Both of these will guide you towards new opportunities in your career and your general feeling of satisfaction in life itself.

My mother tongue is Dutch, but having worked and lived in Leeds, UK and Wellington, New-Zealand the English language has no secrets to me.