Detects character, talents and motivation

Elke Van Hooreweghe

Elke Van Hooreweghe
Career Guidance
Stress / burn-out
Team guidance
Ukkel, Belgium

Elke Van Hooreweghe is an experienced Talent Management Specialist, ICF-Certified Leadership coach & trainer with a background in medical research and the pharmaceutical & technology industry. She helps leaders and their teams be successful and is providing CoreTalent analyses in English, French and Dutch.

Elke is performing CoreTalents analyses with leaders, teams and professionals for career development, succession planning, job match, job (re)design, talent management and prevention of burn-out, bore-out, demotivation.

I’ve noticed time and again what an amazingly accurate tool CoreTalents is to provide answers to those “million-dollar-questions” like: “ What job fits me and which one doesn’t? What gives me energy or drains energy away from me and why? What is my potential? What is a smart next step? What is definitely a wrong choice? How do I create my own success at work and happiness at home despite many obstacles?”