Detects character, talents and motivation

Elke Bogaert

Elke Bogaert
CoreTalents Analysis
Career Guidance
Study choice guidance
Hamme, Belgium

I find it particularly fascinating to discover the key to the hidden potential of people. Mapping someone’s ‘Core Talents’ forms the basis of an effective plan to an energetic, joyful (educational)career. Furthermore, it’s a huge boost for your self-awareness and self-confidence. Gaining insight in your inner drivers brings you back in the driver seat of your live.

Both in my personal and professional life I was confronted with the need to find a tool to empower people. I discovered the Core Talent Method which is a positive, effective, accurate and warm method which helps to discover your talents, your motivation and your personality. This self-insight forms the basis of the coaching offered by Exploro and can be the basis for the following questions: Which career fits me? What should I study? And … . Are you curious to find out more? Take a look at!