Detects character, talents and motivation

Danielle Krekels

Danielle Krekels
High Giftedness
Human Resources
CoreTalents Analysis
Career Guidance
Tienen, Belgium

A little note about myself…

Back in 1989 I discovered the link between children’s play & toys on one hand and Character, Potential and Intrinsic Motivation as an adult on the other hand, whilst interviewing Masters in engineering and gamma scientists. With the help of these very rational and down to earth people I developed - during 15 years of worldwide checks and double checks - our unique CoreTalents method.

It is my dream that everyone knows her or his CoreTalents.

Therefore I love training CoreTalents-analysts, but even then I still love doing CoreTalents-analysis myself. Be it for youngsters or adults, for private or professional reasons: I am very interested to help you! I personally count over 12.000 CoreTalents-analysis to date. But: due to my restricted agenda I am forced to focus nowadays on my biggest specialties: the highly gifted and MSc/PhD in science and/or engineering, for both of which I have over 25 years of experience.