Detects character, talents and motivation

Ilse Noppen

Ilse Noppen
Career Guidance
Stress / burn-out
Team guidance
Brussel, Belgium

My passion has always been about helping people unlock their potential. CoreTalents is an invaluable tool in identifying talents, inner drives and motivation. It never fails to amaze clients.

Knowing one's talents is the first step towards unlocking one's potential. After that, an interesting journey starts, a long winding road, going up and down, left, right and around, but yet with each step, getting you closer to your goal.

That journey is about choosing to go for what you really want. Each one of us has a unique set of talents and values, a unique personality and motivation, and thus a unique calling. Life is about making that mark into the world, making that difference, small or big, that is yours. It is about the impact you are meant to have, bringing to life your calling. For which it is never too late and the options are many, as long as you keep your eyes open.

What I wish for my clients is to get unstuck, to gain clarity of what they want and to feel energised so they get into action. 
I love to see my clients unlocking their potential, acting according to who they are and what they want in life. I love to see them step into their power, creating the life they are yearning for.

At the end of our journey together, clients walk away with a plan of action, aligned with who they are.

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