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Your CoreTalents cannot be repaired. Even better: they don’t have to be.


I received this piece as the basis for a blog post and yeah!, it definitely inspired me!

The school system must be as diverse as the students it serves. Sir Ken Robinson tells the story of a young girl who had to see a specialist because she couldn’t sit still in class. The doctor listened as the mother described all her daughter’s problems at school, while the girl sat on her hands to force herself to sit still. The doctor asked if he could speak to the mother alone for a moment. Before they left the room, he switched on the radio. The doctor and mother watched the girl, now alone in the room, begin to dance. The doctor explained that there was absolutely NOTHING WRONG with her daughter: she was just born to dance. The girl was enrolled in a dance academy and was surprised to finally be surrounded by others who also had to move in order to think.

This girl was Gillian Lynne, who later became a ballerina, dancer, actress, theatre director, and choreographer for Cats and The Phantom of the Opera (Sir Ken Robinson, TEDTalks, 2013). Gillian was not able to succeed in a school system that did not allow her to follow her real talent. She did succeed in a school that was tailored to her specific needs, which later gave her the opportunity to seize great opportunities. 

Every day, CoreTalents Analysists receive emails from parents – and yes, sometimes even from young people themselves – to say how wonderful it is that their children finally received an objective insight into their positive aspects. That it is such a virtue to not receive a ‘judgement’ about their children from once, nor talk about what they do well and everything that they don’t do well yet. 

But simply: that they are seen as a whole person with beautiful (sometimes still hidden) characteristics, potential, and natural enthusiasm. 

Once, I received an e-mail from a mom saying that after his analysis her son had said, “Mom, I’m no longer a chick, I’ve become an eagle!”, and that, full of confidence and motivation, he chose to study something that suited his strong CoreTalents. And yes, the young man is doing splendidly with his splendidly fitting choice of study. 

Is there a more beautiful goal in life than helping young people with something that lifts their spirits? That makes them realise that they are great – exactly as they are? That they can become what they want, as long as it fits with what they themselves really want?

The vast majority of parents and educators have incredibly good intentions with their children, nobody doubts that. Of course, projecting one’s own dreams or expectations onto young people and labelling it as ‘ill will’ if they don’t want to pursue them is rarely a good idea. Moreover, the world is changing rapidly and what we have learned as a fixed truth may even be outdated already.  

Join in making our children strong by showing them that they are bursting with talent!

No, they don’t need to be a math or language whizz or be talented at football or drawing to succeed. Regardless, they have many strong CoreTalents: their character, potential, and desire to become what they want to be. 

Do you want to know which CoreTalents your children have? Find a Recognised Analyst on and let yourself and your children be inspired by lifelong suitable and positive choices. 


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