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Herman Vandenbranden

Herman Vandenbranden
CoreTalents Analysis
Career Guidance
Team guidance
Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium

Since 2009 Herman is a CoreTalents believer and has analysed, coached and inspired many individuals and teams since his CoreTalents training.

In his vision Herman is convinced that human talent is the unique gift of life. With the CoreTalents knowledge and experience he believes strongly that people achieve the conscience about their uniqueness and this is the essential cornerstone of personal growth and wellbeing.

Herman has gained professional experience with CoreTalents in the fields of coaching, team guidance, career counselling and the coaching of young talents in choosing and developing their study and career path.

He loves to work in a systemic way, meaning bringing together all elements as a whole picture that will influence the growth potential of individuals and teams.

Since 2008 Herman is leading a business consulting activity close to Brussels inspiring and coaching a broad variety of organisations as well as their leaders in strategic management and transition programs. He is working for small, medium and large enterprises as well as for public organisations and industry associations.

For more than 25 years Herman has built a career as Director Personnel & Organisation in a number of Belgian based international companies.

His professional experience is combining different cultures and languages in a variety of business environments.

Herman has been member of the management Committee for over 20 years and he has been assigned the lead for major transition programs.

In the position of Director P&O he has always tried to inspire the leadership of the companies in view of talent development in order to combine business objectives with the personal development and company happiness of their collaborators.