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Elke Casteleyn

Elke Casteleyn
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Wichita Falls, United States

“Life changing!"

Ever since I am using CoreTalents analysis in leadership development, mid-career guidance and high potential job matching with clients such as Ikea, Belfius, imec, JSR micro, Aquafin, Inkendaal, UZ Brussels, I see a significant improvement in impact and outcome.

We’ve seen that conducting a CoreTalents analysis at the beginning of a coaching track accelerates self-insight and empowerment. It reveals natural strengths that can be used to achieve the desired goals faster AND easier. It also maps out possible risks and pitfalls so they can be addressed right away and avoid a ‘set up for failure’.

With groups of high potentials in companies we have seen that a CoreTalents analysis immediately provides essential information about what kind of potential they have (potential for what?) and what kind of jobs, roles, leadership positions will match and benefit the company.

A CoreTalents analysis proved to be very valuable when reorienting employees and managers within a company as a result of change, mergers or acquisitions.

When difficult choices had to be made a CoreTalents analysis was felt as a tremendous relief to those employees who could then choose with confidence and inner peace: to stay and to accept a new role, or to go and take their talents elsewhere.

The benefit for the company was clear as well: wrong choices had cost hundreds of thousands of euros in the past.

Finally, we saw that a CoreTalents Discovery was effective at involving many employees in their professional development. It made them pro-actively reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, on what motivates or not, on their opportunities for growth and contribution. It also provided direction on what corporate trainings they should take and what wasn’t worth the investment.”


Elke Van Hooreweghe, M.S., PCC, is a leadership coach and talent management specialist with 10+ years of experience in boosting leaders and their teams to optimal performance. Formerly, she worked 10 years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry as an international clinical research manager and CRA in Europe and USA.

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