Detects character, talents and motivation

Christa Van Oostende

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Human Resources
Career Guidance
Stress / burn-out
Serskamp, Belgium

As a CoreTalents Analyst, Christa Van Oostende provides insights to her clients who find themselves at important life crossroads. In today’s world -in which individuals and teams are constantly stretched or challenged to adapt- self-awareness serves as the one and only compass. Fascinated by societal evolution, Christa helps teams and people in organisations to cope with change and embrace new workplace realities.

As for Christa, “talent scarcity” is not rooted in the lack of people’s CoreTalents or personal qualities. It is often “not knowing, not seeing, not trusting”, that makes people overlook or underutilise their own or other people’s potential.

After >20 years fulfilment in a variety of HR roles at great organisations, Christa founded Multi Multa. Christa brings independent and uncoloured eye-openers and alternatives toward collaboration and organisational development, and helps people challenge personal and organisational boundaries with hearts & minds.

Passionate about people, Christa loves to facilitate learning and understanding, and supports people to trust their inner voice. Christa is convinced that it’s never too late to (re)discover one’s CoreTalents or inner drivers and potential. The CoreTalents method allows people to let go of paradigms and helps them to move forward.

In times of constant change and lifelong learning, the CoreTalents Method is Christa’s favourite Talent management tool because it leads to successful reorientation, reskilling, personal branding and win-win match-making. 

Christa is appreciated for her business sense, and ability to bring people together toward a common goal. She is multi-lingual and engages fluently in English, French, Dutch, Italian.