Detects character, talents and motivation

Brenda Slagter-Grifhorst

Brenda Slagter-Grifhorst
High Giftedness
Career Guidance
Stress / burn-out
Maarn, Netherlands

“Getting people moving, based on their talents” – that’s my core passion and the keynote of my professional and personal life. I work as CoreTalent Analyst, coach, consultant and (interim) leader from my talent ‘seeing people’ and my personal mission ‘develop what’s (not yet) there’.


I’m a professional operating from the conviction that organisations make the difference if their people work from their talent and are recognised, appreciated and affirmed in that. (Talent management at its best.)

As a coach it is my aspiration to boost the development of strong personal leaders who through their own vitality and talent help to build vital organisations in the context of social developments. People who make the difference.

This ever-changing world requires us to continuously learn and develop. That’s why my motto is “If you don’t grow, you die.”

I recognise the importance of adding value and creating clarity rooted in your own authenticity. In my work I draw on my expertise and experience as a manager, educationalist, coach and trainer.


What defines me:

Talent manager, coaching, businesslike with a human touch, socially engaged, transitional leader, advising on, designing policy and successfully implementing it, builder, pillar supporting bridges, enthusiastic, customer-focused, relationship builder, analytical, communicator, networker, decisive, thinking in possibilities, systematic, reliable (I deliver on what I say), motivating and inspiring, persuasive, empathic. 

I have worked with different target audiences and themes. I am specialised in leaders (starting until C-level), high giftedness, vitality, young talents


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